Riding & customising Vespa & Lambretta scooters in the mid 1980’s…thats how in a weird set of events i became obsessed with and decided upon photography as a career some 27 years ago.
Fast forward through thousands of hours shooting,retouching and refining my style to the present and id describe my images as visually capturing the quieter moments of life.
This happens predominately on location as i love the challenge and the chance to explore new places and meet new faces.
I’m told on good authority (well the wife) i’ll talk to anyone but the truth is i’m just interested in people,well either that or i’m just bloody nosey !
Simple fact is i feel comfortable chatting and photographing anyone from the 6’2 model,the ceo of shell in his london hq or the rustic looking fella stripping willow bark in the back waters of the somerset countryside… they all intrigue me.
Then there is the locations..i’ve never been happy trapped for weeks in a studio i want to explore new places inside or out with the logistics & other challenges that it often brings.
The other challenge i relish is helping to fulfil the briefs i’m given and working with the creatives to go beyond it to create something that extra bit special whilst staying on budget and within any time restraints.
This experience comes not only from 27 years behind the camera but from many years behind the post production suite too.
Being an experienced retoucher helps me not only capture everything needed to complete the visual look of the job but also allows me to think on my feet and provide solutions to overcome those problems that can sometimes arise while working in the unpredictable world of location shooting.
When i’m not creating images i spend my time with my wife and three children or riding my old Lambretta scooter believing Im still 17 !